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For 20 years, CHAMPS Trade Shows has stood as the most successful and comprehensive trade show in the cannabis industry. Our B2B events are the ultimate destination for cannabis businesses, which includes wholesalers, distributors and retailers of CBD products.

The increasing popularity of CBD products—and their projected demand in years to come—has motivated many entrepreneurs to invest in this new sector of the cannabis industry. And the marketplace is evolving.

Some states allow cultivation and distribution of CBD products; others don’t. The federal government is still dealing with the legal aspects of CBD and the FDA has expressed its concerns. But eager investors are clamoring for clarity about CBD and optimism reigns that, in the near future, CBD will be widely recognized as the beneficial substance we already know it to be.

That’s why CHAMPSCBDReport.com is so urgently needed. You need to be fully aware of the legal landscape as it evolves. You need to be fully knowledgeable about the benefits of CBD products and the newest research extolling their use.

CHAMPSCBDReport.com focuses on the issues you face on a daily basis. You’ll get news and interviews with retail leaders and industry influencers. You’ll learn about the new CBD merchandise that your customers are curious about. Whether it’s food, beverages, beauty products, analgesic lotions—or the CBD medicine that makes a difference in the lives of patients who need it most—this comprehensive and informative website will always keep you current in the CBD product marketplace.



The CHAMPS team brings a blend of experience in dispensary and retail management, as well as product marketing, technology, business-to-business publishing and online media.

CHAMPS is pleased to offer two decades of experience in the retail cannabis industry in your quest to promote your company or your product. It’s a market that CHAMPS uniquely understands as a result of our collective experience and core connections within the industry. CHAMPS is uniquely qualified to provide CBD retailers in the cannabis industry with the tools and information they will require to succeed.


CHAMPS CBD Report, or ‘CCR’, is a national daily online trade publication serving retailers of CBD products and accessories. News and information are geared strictly to select retail channels, with distribution limited to retailers that sell CBD products and wholesalers.


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