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CBD Guide: 12 Important Facts You Should Know Right Now

CBD confusion appears to be at an all time high

CBD has become a craze but most people know little more about it than it comes from the hemp plant and it’s believed to be very good for your health. All types of brands are racing to get involved. CVS and Walgreens both recently announced plans to sell CBD products. Coca-Cola is said to be exploring the idea of adding CBD to their beverages. Even Oreos has jumped into the mix.

The potential of CBD is exciting for business owners and consumers alike. In the past few months, I’ve become involved in the space when I invested in Nature Box, a healthy snack startup. Our line of CBD snacks are poised to become one of the most popular snacks we offer. Initial interest in our prelaunch has been staggering. For consumers, CBD has the potential to be a great source of healing and daily wellness.

Yet for all the potential profits and healing that could come with CBD, there are still many questions about what CBD actually is, why its important and how legal it actually is. I was taken back when my team at NatureBox proposed a CBD snack. I thought CBD was a type of marijuana or something illiegal. I read everywhere online about it and got conflicting stories so I decided to set the CBD facts straight here.

Here’s a complete guide to the things you need to know about CBD right now.

1. THC gets you high, CBD doesn’t.

Despite what many people have written, no, CBD will not make you high. While both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, THC is the psycho-active compound that creates the “high” associated with marijuana. CBD has an entirely different effect on the body.

2. CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil

CBD oil is an oil that contains Cannabidiol. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and usually combined with a base oil (often olive, coconut or MCT).

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and should not contain CBD, or any other cannabinoids. Hemp oil is associated with its own list of health benefits.

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