CBD Has Another Demographic: Animals

CBD for pets has been exploding, especially around firework holidays

Colorado’s CBD market is exploding, with no shortage of CBD-infused oils, tinctures, balms, salves, pills, food, beverages and more, for both people and their pets. But some potential consumers — human and animal alike — are put off by the products’ strong smell and earthy taste.

Trove is out to change that. A Colorado-based CBD company to offer products designed specifically for horses, as well as others for small animals and humans, Trove is committed to creating products that smell and taste delicious…at least to their target market. Made with CBD isolate extracted from hemp and other natural ingredients, Trove claims all of its products are 100 percent THC-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan.

A canine customer and his CBD oil. / Avery Carter

Trove was launched last fall by Deborah and Sam Carter, a mother-and-son team, who’d witnessed how CBD had helped one of their horses. “I had a little filly named Star that was adorable and doing great, and almost overnight developed a neuromuscular condition where she would shake uncontrollably all over her body,” recalls Deborah. “Vets couldn’t figure it out. We tried to diagnose it, we tried different kinds of drug therapies, we tried everything.”

Finally, after the animal had suffered for about ten months, “I came upon information and articles about CBD and how it’s been used to treat seizures and nerve pain,” Deborah continues. They searched for CBD products for Star but found nothing for horses. So they talked to a friend of Sam’s, a chemist who runs a cannabis extraction laboratory; he put them in touch with Mile High Labs, which recommended they start by giving Star 750 milligrams of CBD a day.

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