Kroger Will Start Selling CBD Creams, Balms, And Oils In 17 States

Kroger joins a growing list of mainstream retailers selling CBD

Depending on where you live, you may soon be able to add CBD-infused products like lip balm and cream to your shopping cart along with eggs, milk, and your other usual groceries. Kroger has joined the list of chain stores getting into the CBD game, telling The Detroit News stores in 17 states will begin introducing these kinds of products as early as this week, including 92 stores in Michigan alone.

To be clear, that doesn’t include food, drinks, or supplements, which are not yet permitted to be sold by the FDA. Instead, it’s strictly topical products (rather than something you’d ingest): lotions, balms, body oils, creams, etc. The products do not have any delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the component that causes a high.

As for foods, they could be coming to more mainstream retailers, though the process will likely be a long one. The FDA held a hearing last week to gather information about CBD-infused products like candy, drinks, and even dog food (the latter of which Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who stepped down as FDA commissioner in April, called “absurd” in an interview with the New York Times).

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