There Is No Slowdown Ahead for CBD Industry Growth In 2019

As the story unfolds we could be witness to a sizable boom

CBD has been created one of the biggest growth stories of 2019. Not only has it transformed multi-billion-dollar industries including alcohol, health and wellness, cigarettes, and the retail industry, it’s impacting food, too. In fact, everything from gummy bears and cookies to candy and brownies are being infused with CBD.

Better, the U.S. FDA could provide a substantial boost to cannabis stocks in weeks. On May 31, 2019, the government agency will hold its first public hearing on legalizing CBD in food and drinks, to figure out how to regulate such products.

As the story unfolds we could be witness to a sizable boom. Some of the top beneficiaries include Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc., CV Sciences Inc., and iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.

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